20 September, 2009

Rebecca Gayheart is Preggo after Three Way Naked Tape

Rebecca Gayheart,38, has been sporting a bump in the tummy area lately.  She is married to Dr. Steamy, Eric Dane, 36, of Gray's Anatomy fame.  Star Magazine has confirmed the pregnancy.
They recently had a naked tape scandal with a beauty queen, Kari Ann Peniche.  All three parties appeared to be under the influence during the tape.  Why people make these tapes, I have no idea.

I loved Rebecca as Dylan's McKay's girlfriend, Toni Marchette on Beverly Hills 90210.  Lead bad boy Dylan McKay was played by heartthrob Luke Perry.  I haven't seen her much since then, except in her video.

Eric Dane has previously stated on the Ellen Show that they have been seeing a fertility doctor.  Eric and Rebecca are absolutely beautiful and I'm sure baby McSteamy will be fabulously beautiful as well.

In 2001 Gayheart pled no contest to vehicular manslaughter in the death of a nine year old boy who was crossing the street.

Rebecca is past the three month mark, and it shows!

Photo: Infdaily.com

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