01 September, 2009

Chris Brown is Annoying Me

Chris Brown went on Larry King and claimed he didn't remember beating Rihanna. If he was in a blind rage, he should probably be locked up, since he doesn't have control over his actions. If he does remember, he's a liar. Either way he's a perpetrator of domestic violence. His over the top song begging for forgiveness is like a public service announcement. It's so textbook (except the format, of course) that it makes me want to cringe. When I hear that Rihanna wants to have the restraining order lifted it makes me sad. These things tend to escalate. There's not much room for that in this case. She got a fairly severe beating, by the description and photos. Next time could end very, very badly. I hope she doesn't go back, but something in me tells me she already has.

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