19 August, 2011

Jesse James and Kat Von D playing ratings games?

Hmmm, LA Ink has been all Kat and Jesse all the time.  Then, a *shocking* split.  Now, the show is cancelled, Kat appears to be saving face by claiming she quit.  Hours after the official announcement  about the show Jesse James posts this twitpic.  They are engaged again, how magical.  How opportune.  Anyway, whether they ever actually broke up or not this mess of tattooed limbs are getting married.  I'll keep you updated on where they are registered so that we can shower them with gifts.

08 August, 2011

It's confirmed

Sadly, this season of Desperate Housewives will be the last.  I love that show and I will miss Lynette, Tom, Carlos, Gabrielle, Susan, Mike, Bree...well, really everyone except Orson and Renee.  Those two, I won't miss.  Whatever will I do with my Sunday nights?  ABC has confirmed this, so that's it. 

Now, I suppose, we will get to see the stars flop in movies and regret the fact that the show has ended while their houses are being foreclosed on and their cars are repossessed.  I hope Marc Cherry writes another gem, and fast.