08 September, 2009

Jon Gosselin Plays the Victim - Says He Despises Kate

John Gosselin has recently proclaimed that he despises he ex-wife to the point where he will not even sit next to her during filming. He has recently come forward and stated in very colorful ways that he didn't like the way she treated him. I think "beat me down... like a lame fish" was my least favorite. Simply because lame almost always refers to an inability to walk, and of course fish can't walk! If all fish are lame, it's redundant.

I have recently been reading articles where Jon blames everything from his age when they were married, to her systematic ways, to her beauty all as reasons that he fell into marrying Kate. He was no baby when they married, he was 22, definitely old enough to make that decision. He had claimed that he didn't expect the relationship to go anywhere due to their age difference. Kate is only two years older than him. I know he acts like he's 14, but he's not. If he wanted a system he could have hired a personal assistant. As to her beauty, no one should expect anyone to feel for them when they marry for looks. In one article he said he was married, had twins, had septuplets, and bye bye twenties. So what? These are choices. Everyone makes choices in their lives. It doesn't mean that you get to go relive your twenties later.

In this information age where everything is available at the click of a button it's no stretch to say that these kids will eventually see these statements, the ones that makes it look like he resents and regrets having them, and the ones where he says that he despises their mother. They will also have an opportunity to watch every episode of this show and form their own opinion as to their parents relationship before the divorce. If he would have shut up and behaved he would have had the public in his pocket, and the children would likely not blame him for the divorce. Now he has repeatedly verbally attacked their mother, in the press. Not good.

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