29 September, 2009

Jon Gosselin Backtracks in a Huge Way - Attempts to Suspend Divorce

In what no one on earth could term a coincidence, Jon Gosselin has chosen the very day that TLC fired him from Jon & Kate Plus 8 to suspend divorce proceedings with Kate.  It's as if he suddenly realized that the money train is continuing on without him.  Jon does make one concession, claiming he used bad judgment in dating other women so soon after the split.  Jon and Kate's divorce was to be finalized in November.

He also is claiming that Kate's rejection of his idea to attend counseling as the reason for his behavior, claiming he was reacting to that rejection of him.  He says he's done with his crazy lifestyle and ready to be a family again.  If I were Kate I wouldn't buy it for a second, especially with his recent claims that he despises her and can't even bear to sit on the same couch as her, that he loves his new girlfriend more than her, and that she emotionally abused him for years.

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