15 December, 2009

Courtney Love has Lost Custody of Frances Bean

 Hole singer Courtney Love has lost custody of her daughter with her late husband Kurt Cobain.  On December 11, 2009 custody of Frances Bean Cobain, 17, was given to Wendy O'Connor and Kimberly Dawn Cobain, Kurt's mother and sister, respectively.  Love's lawyer has indicated that Frances chose to live with her grandmother, rather than being taken from her mother.  O'Connor also had custody of Frances in 2003 and 2004.  The custody issue will be revisited in February.  Frances will be 18 in August.  The court ruling does not give Frances' grandmother and aunt control over her trust fund.

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08 December, 2009

Tiger Woods Drama Continues

UPDATE: The woman who was taken to the hospital by ambulance has been identified as Barbro Holmberg, 57, of Sweden.  She is Elin Nordegren's mother and Tiger Woods' mother-in-law.  Contrary to earlier reports, she has not been released from the hospital, she remains hospitalized in stable condition with security posted at the door of her private hospital room.  She was reportedly taken to the hospital due to abdominal pains.

A woman described as a middle-aged blonde was rushed from the home of Tiger Woods by ambulance at 2:36 this morning.  A black Escalade driven by a woman who appeared to be Elin Nordegren arrived at the hospital quickly afterwords.  Elin's mother and twin sister are rumored to be staying with her.  Many news outlets have reported that the woman was on advanced life support, however, Fox News is reporting that she has already been released.

More information has come forward regarding the night of the accident.  According to the subpoena request obtained by TMZ Elin Woods claimed that Tiger was drinking the day of the accident and had prescriptions for vicodin and ambien.  When officers arrived Tiger was lying in the street snoring after Elin removed him from the vehicle.  He has described by officers as being incoherent and drifting in and out of consciousness at the scene.  Tiger refused to give a blood sample to police and their request for a subpoena was unsuccessful.  TMZ is claiming that Tiger was admitted to the hospital following the accident as an OD.  The police only fined Tiger $164 for careless driving and gave him four points against his license after the single car accident in which he hit a fire hydrant and a tree while attempting to leave his property.

The day before the accident the National Enquirer broke a story claiming that Tiger was having an affair.  This was believed to be the cause of the alleged argument that caused Tiger to flee in the middle of the night without so much as putting on his shoes.  A widely publicized voice mail has been released where Tiger asks his alleged mistress to remove her name from her voicemail because his wife has looked through his phone and may be calling seems to confirm this tension between the couple.  Tiger has denied any argument.  Since the accident there have been no fewer than 10 women claiming to also have had affairs with Tiger Woods. 

Michelle Duggar Airlifted to Hospital

Recent Grandmother Michelle Duggar, 43, who is pregnant with baby number 19 was airlifted to a Little Rock hospital after experiencing problems with her gall bladder.  She was airlifted from another Arkansas hospital over the weekend to a hospital with a NICU in case she has to be delivered early.  Her pain has been controlled and Michelle is resting comfortably.  Doctors hope to delay any surgery until after the baby is delivered, at term.  The baby is due March 18, 2010.  Regardless of when the baby is born it is certain that it's name will begin with a J, just like its 18 siblings.

01 December, 2009

Pete Doherty has Issues - Sings Nazi Anthem to Germans

Pete Doherty, 30, is the lead singer of Babyshambles and the ex-fiancee of model Kate Moss.  The British Punk singer, who has a long history of drug abuse, stumbled onto a Munich stage where he sang an awkward version of "Hit the Road, Jack" before launching into the Nazi Anthem.  The Germans were not amused.
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Polanski Can't Attempt to Flee Until Friday

We had previously reported that Roman Polanski, 76, is out of a Swiss jail on 4.5 million bail.  That is not yet true.  His bail has been approved at 4.5 million.  He has not yet been released because he has not yet posted the bail.  

He is expected to post the money by Friday.  He will then be under house arrest in his mansion in the Swiss Alps.  He was convicted in 1977 of having sex with a 13 year old girl in the United States.  He fled before sentencing and has been living a lavish life in France, who refused to extradite him.  Apparently France likes pedophiles.

Polanski was arrested on a 31 year-old international arrest warrant in Switzerland.  The United States requested extradition on October 23, 2009.  Polanski is likely to forfeit the 4.5 million bail and attempt to flee again, based on his past history.  Most of Hollywood refused to hold him accountable for his past acts.

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Those Poor Hasselhoff Girls - Mom Busted for DUI Again while Dad in the Hospital

David Hasselhoff's daughter Hayley, 17, has had to call 911 for her father at least twice this year.  The most recent call came November 27, 2009 after David Hasselhoff was found unconscious in his home after suffering a seizure.  That incident was allegedly caused by a drinking binge. 

On November 28, 2009, while David was still in the hospital, reportedly on a 5150 hold, Hayley's mother, and David's ex-wife was arrested for DUI.  She was also arrested for felony DUI in March.  The couple, who divorced three years ago, also has another daughter, Taylor, 19.

Pamela has been released from jail and David has been released from the hospital.  Hopefully they are spending time with their daughters, not with a bottle.
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