21 September, 2009

David Hasselhoff has Alcohol Poisoning Again

We reported yesterday that an ambulance had come to David Hasselhoff's home at about three in the afternoon and transported someone to the hospital.  We have now confirmed that the person transported was David Hasselhoff and that he has alcohol poisoning AGAIN.   Hasselhoff is apparantly not content with simply falling off the wagon, he must fall off and get ran over by the damn thing.  He drinks like a kid at a frat party.  He was apparantly drinking for about a day at the time of his hospitalization.  Hasselhoff has reportedly been hospitalized with alcohol poisoning over five times.  His 17 year old daughter accompanied him in the ambulance, crying hysterically.  David Hasselhoff is 57 and it's time to grow up, get help.  Hasselhoff just wrapped up this season of America's Got Talent. 

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