11 October, 2009

Rob Thomas Classified as Mom-Rock and He's Okay with That

Rob Thomas is reportedly okay with being told that his style of rock is for moms.  Rolling Stone recently said he will never be cool.  Rob Thomas says he's 37, a mom age, and it's good that he's playing for people his own age.  Rob Thomas is, without a doubt, one of the best songwriters out there, amazingly talented.  So what if he doesn't want to pretend he's 14?   I don't know exactly what makes Rob Thomas uncool in Rolling Stones' eyes.  Rob Thomas thinks it's because he does mainstream rock.  I happen to like him myself, although I will admit at the one concert of his I did attend I was suprised by the number of baby boomers swaying in the audience.  I thought he was more my generation, I'm 32 by the way.

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