30 August, 2009

The Reality of Lindsay Lohan

The air is abuzz with rumors that Lindsay Lohan is doing a reality show. Apparently it's supposed to cover her comeback. Reality shows are not a place to gain respect, they are a place to put yourself so other people can laugh at you. Britney Spears Chaotic was a joke, she came off as more stupid than anyone could have ever imagined, and then divorced and went insane. The Anna Nicole Show was an amazingly sad train wreck that was hard to look away from. The Whitney and Bobby show, "Being Bobby Brown" showed a very undignified look at Whitney Houston. Jon & Kate Plus 8 likely caused Jon and Kate to crash and burn and Jessica Simpson was ridiculed following her newlyweds show with Nick Lachey. The show might have contributed to their divorce as well.

The point is that reality shows don't seem to be very healthy for people. Lindsay has had major struggles with drugs in the past and the cameras have caught her sobbing openly about her relationship. Lindsay is a fragile type person as it is. She doesn't seem to have a super firm grip on sobriety or her emotions, so this kind of show could have devestating results. Just something to think about.
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