24 August, 2009

Michael Jackson's Death Ruled a Homicide

Today the AP put out confirmation that Michael Jackson's death was a homicide.

Homicide is a scary word. The homicide detectives on tv are always investigating brutal murders, so homicide is just another word for murder, right? Not so much. The definition of homicide is death by the hands of another. There is nothing in there about intent. Going back to philosophy class, all murders are homicides, all homicides are not murders.

Michael Jackson died due to the doctors administration of the drugs in his system. Since the doctor administered the drugs it is a homicide, if Michael had somehow administered the drugs himself (ignore the logistics for just a moment) it would probably be ruled accidental. Not all homicides are even crimes. People accidentally kill people, people kill people for good reason (i.e. a cop killing a subject who is shooting at him) the ruling of homicide is really just a jumping off point. All this means is that it is now definite that the propofol (diprivan) that the doctor administered did in fact kill Michael.

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