29 August, 2009

Half Empty Bag of Crack Stuck to DJ AM's Body

We had previously reported that DJ AM was found dead with prescription drugs and a crack pipe nearby. Now this article claims that a half empty bag of crack was stuck to DJ Am's bare chest when police rolled his body into it's back. He was laying on his stomach on this bag, apparently haven fallen on it. With at least one admitted suicide attempt under his belt and a very recent breakup that he was reportedly taking very hard it does lead one to wonder if he decided to end it all. Adding credence to this theory is the fact that he has spoken of survivors guilt following the awful plane crash that he survived last year. He was one of only two survivors of that crash, Travis Barker of Blink 182 fame being, of course, the other. To the outside world he certainly seems to have it all, fame, fortune, beautiful women. Sadly, his addiction seemed to get the best of him. Of course, we have to wait for forensics and official statements to draw any definite conclusions.
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