05 November, 2011

Does Justin Bieber have a Baby, Baby, Baby, and Will Selena Gomez Stick Around Long Enough to Find Out?

A tale as old as time....statutory rape and sex in a bathroom.  Okay, so it's no fairytale.  A twenty year old woman has claimed that Justin is her infant son's baby daddy.  She has filed for child support in a San Diego court. The sex with the famous little singer was described as 30 seconds long and on a shelf in a restroom.  How magical.  The baby-faced Justin Bieber was 16 at the time and the claimant, Mariah Yeater, was 19.  If convicted this would be a misdemeanor statutory rape charge due to their three year age difference. 

Mariah could face up to a year in jail.  Judging by all the celebrities that check in and out of California jails, I'm guessing three weeks max.   According to several reports Bieber is the second person to be singled out as being the baby's daddy.  Mariah claims that she was picked out of her front row seats during an October 2010 concert, by security, and brought back to meet Justin. On July 6th of this year little Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater was born.

Okay, just a little analysis here.  To take or not to take the DNA test (assuming he is not court ordered to do so).  It's more complicated than it sounds.  If he's sure, it will solve it once and for all, but will he be taking DNA tests far too often for other women claiming that he fathered their child, even if they can't prove that they ever met him?  If he is the father it will quickly turn into a settlement/custody game, hopefully outside the public eye.

Mariah is poor, really poor.  She gets a meager amount of public assistance.  She does have a money motive for her claims for child support.  Her life would change dramatically for the better.  The catch, he doesn't pay anything unless the child is proven to be his.  If she knows it's not, never slept with him, like he claims, then why go through all of this?  Maybe Star Magazine pays big?  I honestly do not know.  It's a weird thing to pluck out of thin air.  I think there must be some fire under all this smoke.  Even lies usually have elements of truth to them.  She says that she tried to get a hot of Bieber through his reps for quite some time before she filed the paternity suit.  Rumors are flying that Selena Gomez, Justin's latest girl, broken it off with him.  She denies the rumors, for now.  Bieber fans are literally threatening to murder Mariah, in writing, on Facebook.  Stay tuned.

Just for fun, here's Mariah Yeater's mug shot from last year when she slapped her ex-boyfriend repeatedly and broke out a car window:

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