05 November, 2011

Ashton and Demi, Why is Everyone Acting Surprised?

Ashton Kutcher, a young hottie who had starred in movies, had a hit tv show and produced and starred in his own MTV show, Punked.  This was a somewhat immature show where celebrities were tricked into thinking something terrible was happening and then Ashton ran out from somewhere and laughed at them.  It was funny, kinda.

So, in 2005, at the age of 27, Ashton decided to marry Demi Moore, who was a movie star.  She was 42, she looked good for her age.  This is Ashton's first and Demi's third marriage.  Demi's eldest daughter, Rumer, is 10 years younger than Kutcher.  Now Demi is 48 and probably peri-menopausal to Ashton's 33, his prime.  He's the star of Two and a Half Men which films in Los Angeles. 

Kutcher recently reportedly had a hot tub romp with two women, followed by sex with one of them on his sixth anniversary with Demi.  Oops.  Today, reports popped up that Demi is allegedly having an affair with Ashton's friend with Ben Hollingsworth, he's 27.  The reportedly had sex in the back of a car.  Lovely.  

The age gap is huge.  They looked creepy together, like an incestuous mother and son.  The reported marriage strain should not come as a surprise.  They are in different stages in life.  

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